Breast Augmentation Sydney

Breast augmentation sydney clinicOnce a woman has undergone breast augmentation, it is expected that she will have a boost in self esteem, confidence and overall satisfaction in the way she looks. However, many studies reveal that women who’ve had the surgery have also reported a boost in their sex life as well.

This boost is noted in the area of sexual arousal, overall intensity and the confidence she feels in intimate settings as well. It’s an understandable realization that the confidence a woman has gained after an augmentation could possibly make her more comfortable in situations of intimacy.

It is believed that women with enhancements develop a natural attraction to their new breasts. They finally have the look they’ve dreamed of and feel completely comfortable when engaging in intimate activity. Of course most men are going to be mesmerized with the look and feel of fullness of the breast and this will cause them to be more enticing or overall pleasing during intimacy. This increases the arousal of the woman and creates a more invigorating feel than before.
Women who have undergone augmentation procedures are prone to wear more enticing lingerie because of the level of comfort and satisfaction they feel with their new breasts. The presence of sexy lingerie will almost instantly create a more ravishing scene of intimacy. The feel of the material against the body is definitely different in the breast area and the look will initiate a new feeling of pleasure between the couple.

Most of all, the breast augmentation has given the body a balance boost. It has created a balance between desire and presentation. Women feel a stronger desire to present their bodies in a more appealing manner during intimacy. They feel sexy and make more of an effort to look sexy for their mate. This ignites more of a spark than ever before and causes a boost in the bedroom as well.

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