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Reduction of Breasts

process of breast reductionThe breasts on women are area where a woman gets a fair amount of self-confidence or on the other hand can be rather insecure about them. The breasts are a symbol of a women’s femininity and sexuality and it is important that women feel good about them. Often women are less than happy with the appearance of their breasts and it causes them to sometimes be overly body conscious especially when they have to get undressed and be naked in from of their boyfriend or partner.

Small Breasts and Breast Implants

small breasts and breast implantsMany women have very small breasts and wish that they could have bigger breasts. It has become very common over the last couple of decades to get breast implants. With the improvement of breast enlargement techniques the process has become very quick and effective with the outcome of great looking breast with most women. The process of a breast enlargement is rather easy and the opening into the breast to insert the implant has become quite small. The breast implant goes into the breast empty and after the surgeon has the implant in the correct position he will start to inflate the implant to the desired breast size that was determined prior to the operation.

The surgery usually takes less than an hour to perform and the women has very little down time to contend with. The healing of the incision take a few short weeks and the scaring quickly disappears.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction and tummy tuckThere are also many women who have larger breasts and it can be a burden for many women to have to deal with such big breasts. It is quite common to see overweight women to have large breasts as a lot of fatty tissue develops in the breast if you tend to over eat and put on body fat. The best way to have a natural breast reduction is through exercise and once a women leans down to a reasonable weight, their breast naturally come down in size as well.

process of breast reduction pictureLosing weight is the cheapest way to start looking good and having your breasts look great as well. That being said sometimes when a women puts on a lot of weight,  the breasts get much larger as well and what tends to happen is that the breast grow extra skin to accommodate the extra fat that fills up the breast. Once a women loses the weight through exercise and dieting, what can happen is the breast lose that fat as well but the skin has not come down to match the overall weight loss. So you can end up with saggy breasts.

process of breast reduction step by stepThis can be a good reason to see a cosmetic surgeon and have a breast reduction. Other women who just are overweight but also want smaller breasts often opt to have a breast reduction to improve the appearance of their breasts, as no one like the look of big saggy looking breasts. The process of a breast reduction is far more advanced than getting breast implants. The process of a breast reduction involves removing the nipple and a good part of the lower breast tissue   and fatty tissue inside the breast. The process takes about 2 hours and the healing time can take a few weeks. The scars usually take over twelve months to fade back to normal skin colour. The videos below show how the process of a breast reduction is performed.

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