Breast Lift

Following pregnancy or drastic weight loss, loose skin tissue and the body’s fleshy prominences breast-lift procedurelike the breasts can sag, and this condition can cause a woman to feel less glamorous or more negative about her body image. To remedy this unsightly consequence of dramatic and natural body changes, there are women who opt for mastopexy or surgical breast lifting in order to improve their otherwise sagging self-esteem.

This procedure improves and strengthens the contours, dips, curves, and the firmness of the breasts. It also raises the nipples for that perked up look that many women want. All of these procedures are done by our experienced surgeon, Dr.  Devoe. Not only does he listen to your preferences and answers your questions, but he is known to customize each procedure in order to suit with each client’s needs.

The Breast Lift Procedure

The surgical procedure itself starts with a general anesthetic. You’ll be put down for sometime so you won’t feel any discomfort during surgery.  Depending on each client’s needs we may use the Wise pattern, Benelli, or Lejour methods. These techniques promote minimal scarring and speedy healing after the surgery.

After Surgery

You’ll be discharged on the same day, provided that you don’t show signs of any adverse complications.  Following surgery, you will be contacted by our nurses on a given schedule and you’ll be provided with dates for follow-up check-ups to ensure your well-being after the surgery. Follow-up assessments and trips back to the clinic are suggested to follow your make sure all is well and as it should be. We make it a point to see each our clients to ensure that you are happy with how all is progressing. You will be issued a medical-grade crop top which should be worn strictly for the next six weeks so your incision site would heal properly. The crop top offers ample support as well.