Breast Reduction

 For women who are endowed with ample bosoms, it’s not surprising that they’ll sometimes feel and complain about physical discomfort brought about by overly large breasts.  Women who are tired of enduring the weight of having large breasts every single day, breast reduction surgery is a very good option for you.

Our experienced surgeon and medical staff successfully perform breast reduction surgery on a regular basis as there are many women who suffer the burden of carrying around overly large breasts.  Your experience with our team of highly trained surgeons will put any concerns you may have to rest as this is a breast procedure that we specialize in. After the procedure and once you have had time to heal you will feel a noticeable relief from back pain  from all of that extra weight you were carrying around. Breast reduction surgery will help you gain back your self confidence that may have been lost because of your burden. Women are not the only ones who can benefit from this type of treatment because men who are suffering from gynecomastia can also undergo such surgical procedure.

Breast Reduction Surgery

breast-reduction before and after pictureWhen deciding to have breast reduction surgery you have two options on how the procedure is done. If you prefer downsizing one cup size, you can go for liposuction. It’s a proven safe and effective method for most people. But of course, the elasticity of your skin will first have to be assessed, as the procedure might cause sagging of the skin around the breast because of the drastic change. The other option is that you’ll be put under with the use of general anaesthesia, and then remove excess breast tissue and fat to the desired breast size. After the removal, the remaining tissue will then be shaped to perfection, to make the breasts look natural.


With surgery, you will always be faced with a possibility for complications and potential risks. There is an extensive medical history taken during the second consultation in order to find out if there are predisposing factors that may cause complications to a patient during the surgery. Some of the adverse reactions that you may experience post-procedure include bruising and unsightly scarring. At our Clinic, you do not have to worry about infection risks because our highly trained surgeons are some of the best in  Australia and everything that touches your skin during surgery is completely sterile.

After Breast Reduction Surgery

To ensure your safe and speedy recovery with less complication after the surgery, our team of clinicians and nurses will call you for follow-up check-ups regularly. This will allow them to monitor your condition.  A medical crop top will be prescribed for you to wear for the following six weeks after surgery to ensure proper healing of your operative site. The crop top will provide full support for your breasts for the duration of the six weeks.

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Learn more about breast reduction surgery when you visit our clinic and practice in Sydney. You don’t have to live with heavy, cumbersome breasts any more. The solution is here. Give us a call and book in for a  consultation.