Cosmetic Surgery Costs

Basically, the overall cost of any reconstructive surgery of the breasts such as augmentation, breast lift, etc. depends on the various factors that each surgery has. There are many important things to consider before the total cost of the procedure and treatment can be given. These factors and components include but are not limited to:

Surgery fee

Not all reconstructive surgeries of the breast are the same. The procedures are customized in order to suit the needs of each client. That’s why surgical fees may vary from person to person. The best possible procedure which will benefit your body and health will be determined when you consult with one of our specialist surgeons

Operating theatre fee

Bear in mind that each hospital varies when it comes to service charges, treatments and operating procedures offered and hospital protocol. Everything varies from one state to another when it comes to health care. And speaking of which, it is up to a hospital’s discretion how to charge its clients with the operating room fee. Most of the time, this fee depends on how much time your procedure may take and they type of procedure involved. Usually, a breast augmentation procedure takes 1-2 hours, while other adjunct techniques to it can charge more on your hospital bill

Anaesthesiologist’s fee

Your anaesthesiologist or anaesthetist have their individual hourly rates, so their fee is charged depending on the length of time of the specified surgery

Implant costs

Of course just like any goods, breast implants vary in cost depending on their type and quality. Smooth and rough silicone implants by Eurosilicone usually costs $1300 for each pair plus GST. Tear-shaped or round polyurethane foam-covered silicone implants go from around $1400-$1700 for every pair + GST.


Depending on related circumstances, breast augmentation procedures if done for the first time are considered elective cosmetic procedures by Medicare so they may call for GST additional charges. Unless you are qualified to have a Medicare Item Number, your reconstructive breast augmentation surgery will not be exempted from additional charges. If your surgery is not elective in nature but is needed in the case of emergency or treatment of trauma, then you can get a rebate from Medicare and this won’t attract extra charges from GST.

The above-mentioned aspects serve as guidelines for summing up costs for breast augmentation surgery. Remember, each surgery is tailored to suit the needs and cosmetic preferences of each client, so it is quite impossible to devise a standard cost for all of the reconstructive surgeries of the breasts. As soon as we have examined and talked to you about your desired procedure, your needs, your preferred implants, then; and only then will you be given an itemised quote of the procedure cost which is valid for three months.

If you want to get more value for your money, it is also advised that you get an approximate cost for the procedure based on your location, feel free to contact our Clinical Advisors regarding this matter before you schedule a consultation with us.

Our clients don’t only enjoy optimum satisfaction regarding our services but you can definitely be sure that you’re in the safest and most capable hands with us, peri-surgery per se. Feel free to contact our clinic if you have queries or you need help after your surgery.