Cosmetic Injectables

With the advent of so-called ‘cosmetic injectables’, the trend of facial rejuvenation has changed dramatically. It has evolved from painful to painless, from surgical to non-invasive. Cosmetic injection preparations for facial rejuvenation and reversing the signs and effects of aging have become simple, same-day office treatments. These treatments aim to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, giving you a more youthful and healthy glow even at the age of 50. For clients who don’t fancy getting extensive and invasive surgery for facial rejuvenation, cosmetic injectables are definitely your best choice.

Having a face lift without  surgery

cosmetic injectablesCall them injection preparations, but they’re more like wonder drugs, like ‘facelifts without the surgery’. Since there is no downtime involved, cosmetic injectables are also known as ‘lunchtime beauty fixes’ since you can get them done in just an hour or two without having to suffer the effects of general anaesthesia.  In general, cosmetic injection preparations are safe, effective, and very easy to administer. They help to reduce activity of the facial muscles because these parts of the face are quite prone to wrinkling and fine lines over time. The preparation also help to fill in hollowed areas of the face caused by stress and the normal process of ageing. These preparations also visibly smooths and reduces the appearance of severe laugh lines and frown wrinkles on your T-zone.

In just a few days, you’ll be able to see satisfying results with no downtime and much fuss. Non-permanent cosmetic injectables are safer than surgery, but they only last from 3-18 months. We favour these procedures from actual surgical operations if you’re not in dire need of a facelift, like you only need to get rid of fine lines. They fade out with time and you can get another injection procedure when that happens. Results vary from person to person.

At Cosmetic Surgery Sydney, we make sure to deliver the most amazing results to make you look naturally beautiful once more with the help of safe, risk-free, and effective treatment procedures.