Cosmetic Skin Therapy

Healthy skin is a gift and that is why it is important to be  very particular with the products that are on the market as most are quite average and often do not deliver the desired outcome. We provide long-lasting and age-defying skin care procedures and products that actually work. then you may want to know more about procedures that will help give you that youthful, healthy glow. First of all, we will make a proper  assessment of your skin and what are the best products and procedures that will work the most effectively for your particular circumstance.

We will  determine the most prominent areas that are prone to skin ageing, damage, and hyper-pigmentation. You’ll also be examined for acne, scarring, and unwanted pigmentation. Next, the right treatment plan will be determined for your safety and benefit. This can include a combination of different procedures and therapies that suits your needs and present health status.

Examination of your skin

Your skin will be examined from superficial, down to structural and then cellular levels for imperfections and other features that need to be fixed. With the right combination of treatments and procedures, you can get the best possible results. Some of the health conditions that affect the overall condition of the skin include, weight loss, pregnancies, stress levels, lifestyle and diet, hormone shifts, and environmental changes. These things are to be considered strictly before your treatment would be made according to your needs and preferences. We takes into consideration your overall health status and desired skin restoration results. Your treatment program depends on the degree of symptoms that your body exhibits and the nature of concern as well. Your treatment plan will be scheduled either fortnightly or at a weekly basis.

Skin Improvement and what to expect

advanced facial careYou’ll expect to see the formative stages of improvement on your skin halfway through your therapy. In general, a regular skin treatment program usually lasts from 8-12 sessions. It takes two cycles that spans 8-12 weeks’ worth of sessions from the start of the treatment to complete the therapy. But bear in mind that each unit of treatment and the frequency of sessions vary from one person to another. We practice a routine of getting to know your skin better, what you have been doing with your skin in the past, the present skin care products that you use, and what your goals for your skin are. If it is you initial consultation, you will have a 30-minute discussion with our medical experts and you will then undergo skin analysis to determine any problem or challenge that your skin may have.

The analysis will then give us the information we need on how to take care of your skin and plan out a treatment plan that’s suited just for you. You will be subject to a microhydrabrasion therapy after the analysis consultation. With your unique treatment plan, you will then undergo various procedures such as skin peels, microhydrabrasion, collagen induction therapy, and advanced products and manual methods that contain natural ingredients that will henceforth delivered to your skin’s overall wellness.