Cosmetic Surgery For Men

Gynecomastia affects men from the age of 15 and beyond. During puberty years or growth spurt, body hormones may get a little bit out of whack, causing the development of male breast tissue, yielding bigger than normal breasts which can be an embarrassing feature for men. For those boys who are overweight, obese, and those who frequent the gym and take anabolic steroids to bulk up all contribute to the development of man boobs.

GynoUnlike women who may just feel a little insecure about slight pudgy arms and bloated tummies, men may feel very embarrassed especially when they have to take their shirt off, and they have bigger boobs. But don’t lose hope, because there’s a shining beacon of hope waiting for men with gynecomastia.

Depending on the present state of the condition, liposuction is the first choice for correcting man boobs. But there are times when the procedure is not enough to remedy the problem, especially if the breast tissue concerned is too big. If liposuction can’t do it, surgical removal is the next safest remedy for man boobs. Usually, a small incision under the areolar complex of the nipple is made, so that the excess breast tissue is then removed.
After the surgery, the skin may feel tight because it has not fully retracted as a response to surgery so you will have to follow prescriptions and doctor’s orders strictly after the procedure to ensure your full recovery.


Hi Def liposuction for menIt is normal for men to have fatty deposits on the abdomen, those love handles, which increases girth around the midsection. Most of the time, these fat deposits can be quite a challenge by exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle alone. Many men in their prime often resort to surgery to sculpt contours for abs and other areas that men find difficult to refine.

But there’s hope and it’s in the form of liposuction, otherwise known as liposculpture which has the power to give you a more masculine build. The procedure utilizes skin etching in order to give you those contours that any man would kill for. You’ll be happy to know that liposuction is done as a walk-in surgical procedure. The operation is performed using mild general anaesthesia. One of the most effective methods that we use is the ultrasonic technique as an adjunct to pneumatic method to minimize trauma to the surrounding tissues and for a faster resolution as well. The patient will notice that the swelling caused by the operation will subside in a shorter period of time.

After the procedure, each patient is issued a compressive gown in order to help restore the skin’s natural elasticity and reduce inflammation after the operation. With this method, the little incisions that we make during the surgery will heal in no time, with as little scar residue as possible. It would take as little as one to four weeks for you to achieve full recovery and you’ll be back to your regular routine in six weeks.