Scope of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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The cosmetic surgery procedures are quite many. We have surgeries on the face, arms, neck, eyelid, belly and so on. In this article, we are going to look at each type and what they entail.

Breast Enhancement Surgeries

Many women have some issues with their breasts. The breasts are either asymmetrical, sagging, small, large or other variations which deviate from what is considered normal, sexy or acceptable. As a result, we have various surgeries which are carried out on the breasts. Some of these surgeries include:
• Breast Lift
• Breast Reduction
• Breast Reconstructive Surgery
• Breast Augmentation

Most breast reconstruction surgery patients had previously gone through a mastectomy procedure. Plastic surgeons have proven that breast reconstruction surgery gives a natural looking appearance of the breasts and form. The plastic surgery yields an emotional and physical satisfying outcome to women who’ve lost their breasts due to cancer and other breast problems.

Facial Contouring Treatment

One of the parts of the body where most of the cosmetic surgeries are carried out is in the face. We have the lips, nose, cheek, chin, eyelids and such. They each have own names for the procedures.

Rhinoplasty is the reconstruction of a nose that is crooked for aesthetic/medical reasons. The chin and cheek are also corrected where abnormalities are noted. For instance, cheek implant surgery is for the loss of volume in the face. Implants are put under the chins to plump them up. Chin surgery, on the other hand, is done where there is need to reshape it to conform to the rest of the facial features. Some people have small chins which may not be in proportion with the remainder of the body.

Facial Rejuvenation

The facial rejuvenation procedure includes eyelid lift, neck lift, brow lift and facelift. Some of these areas of the face are affected by various factors such as genetics, aging and so on. Through surgical intervention, the result of aging is something that we can fight for through the newly improved cosmetic procedure known as facial rejuvenation.

There are injections used as opposed to necessarily being operated on and generally speaking; they are non-invasive.

Body contouring

The body contouring is another area of cosmetic surgery which involves removing of unwanted tissue or fat in some parts of the body. The most common are:
• Liposuction
• Tummy tuck
• Gynecomastia

For instance, liposuction involves sucking out excess fat deposits in the belly. The fat causes the stomach to hang downwards, giving one an awkward appearance.

A tummy tuck is mainly close to this except that there are some surgeries involving the removal of some skin and not just fat alone.

Skin Rejuvenation

Finally, the skin rejuvenation. Some of the procedures carried out on the skin include filler treatments, the use of Botox and laser resurfacing. The skin suffers some of the most imperfections on the body, given the fact that it is the largest organ of the body.

Fillers are forms of injections which surgeons administer to patients who are seeking to improve their skin appearance. We have Juvederm and Restylane are some of the commonest skin fillers that we have in the market.

They are injected into the skin to smooth out the wrinkles, folds as well as add volume. Are your eyes or the mouth puckered? Just have an injection of any of these fillers, and you will have a smooth appearance in no time.

Laser resurfacing, on the other hand, is carried out to reduce facial irregularities, wrinkles, acne scars or any other kind of blemishes which may be present on the skin.