Dr Barnouti

logo-newDr Barnouti, a Fellow of the Royal Australasian Society of Plastic Surgeons (FRACS) is one of the most trusted and sought-after plastic surgery specialists in Australia. He is not just a specialist in the field but an expert by heart as well. Plastic surgery covers reconstructive and cosmetic surgery fields. RACS, which stands for Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, is considered to be the only academic institution for medical specialists that’s duly recognized by the Commonwealth Government together with the Australian Medical Council that’s licensed to train potential medical surgeons. For those who don’t know it yet, RACS is the only approved and accredited college for surgeons and trains them to perfection in order to be competitive for their chosen field. You can be sure that you are in the most capable hands with a FRACS-accredited surgeon like Dr Barnouti.

This title indicates that your surgical specialist has been thoroughly trained and is still counting more titles and certifications in the field of medical surgery to give you the most accurate, therapeutic, and desirable results. Bear in mind that (Plast.), which is the title indicating that your surgeon is a product of FRACS, means that your surgeon is highly accomplished in the medical and surgical field, especially in reconstructive, cosmetic, and plastics surgery. The said procedures are three of the nine surgical procedures that are formally offered as a training course by RACS. Having the title also shows that your doctor spent about 8-10 years’ worth of strict training in the medical-surgical field.

Each specialist also allots a minimum of 12 years for the training, education, and practice for the profession, and at least 5 years’ worth of postgraduate work as specialist. All these assessments and trainings were taken up by Dr Barnouti, to ensure high-quality reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for all his clients. Basically, Dr Barnouti specializes in plastic surgery of the face, neck, and breasts. A few other surgeons in Australia share the very same expertise as Dr Barnouti. Unsurprisingly, he has an impressive flair for aesthetic details and has many years of experience on his coattails to give his clients only the best and most natural-looking results.

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