Eyebrow Lift procedure

Eyebrow lift is an surgical procedure that is used to reposition the eyebrows and forehead. It aims to bring back the youthful position of these facial parts, free from fine lines and rejuvenate the upper face as well. With time, skin loses its tone and volume and with gravity, this can lead to sagging of the skin and other underlying tissues. The forehead is especially prone to signs of aging since it tends to sag with age, and the eyebrows move even closer to the eyelids. The overall effect? Loss of that once-attractive, youthful, and arched glory of the brows. Of course this causes the muscles of the forehead to attempt to hold up the brows without you knowing it.

As a result, fine horizontal lines result and is always, always associated with aging. Basically, clients who are concerned with ‘crowding’ of the upper eyelids would will need an eyebrow lift procedure to get rid of the excess skin that adds to the sagging of the forehead. People with a low forehead are usually very prone to this problem, and surgery is known to be the only procedure that helps in repositioning the eyebrows and the forehead.

What to Expect in the Face lift consultation

eyebrow lift procedureThere are those who aim to reduce the skin on the upper eyelids. Eyebrow lift treatments are given as an adjunct to other facial rejuvenation therapies. This is to achieve a more uniform result in a client’s goal of reversing the signs of aging on the face. During your initial consultation, you will be asked what aspects of the face that you want to improve. It is encouraged that you should be frank in the consultation about what you want to do to your face.

This helps in accurately achieving your facial rejuvenation goals; and for us to fully understand your expectations on the outcome of the treatment. There are many ways on how to correct sagging of the skin on the various areas of the face. We will conduct a thorough examination of the whole face and the upper eyelid region as well. Your muscle activity will also be observed. The outcome of each treatment plan totally depends on your skin condition, the amount of excess upper eyelid skin, and the height of the hairline as well.