How To Take Care Of Breast Implants

how to look after breast implants

Following your successful breast augmentation or a boob job, there are some things that you are supposed to take from the doctor so that you can maintain the implants for the duration of their lifespan.

Your surgeon will give you a set of instruction on how you are supposed to look after your implants. If well taken care of, the implants will last for at least ten years before they require for the replacement. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things you are supposed to do:

Healthy Diet

Having breast implants does not mean that you cease from eating the foods that you regularly eat. You should continue enjoying your meals as long as they are healthy. A healthy diet is highly essential as it will help accelerate the healing process.

When To Take Alcoholic beverages

You should only consume alcoholic drinks if you have finished taking your pain medications. Intake of these beverages before finishing your pain medication could lead to prolonged pain as alcohol interferes with the function of these medications.

Proper Sleeping Position

When recovering from a breast implant surgery, you should change your sleeping position. If you used to sleep on your stomach or the side, it is high time you turned to sleeping on the back. The reason for this change is so that you do not put your weight on the implants as they may rupture.

breast implants
Refrain From Demanding Physical Work

The non-active work will be okay in the interim. The office work is not physically demanding, and it is advisable for this period. Avoid the hard, manual work as this will place a lot of strain on the implants.

Avoid Lifting of Arms Above Shoulder Level

For the first 14 days following the breast implants surgery, you are advised to lift your arms up to the shoulder level, avoid lifting your arms higher than your shoulder. Afterwards, you can extend the lifting above the shoulders. It is a precaution so that you do not hurt the healing breast tissue. Arm pit wound may also be present, hence the reason you are forbidden to do this.

The Maximum Weights You Can Lift

For the same period of timeline two weeks, you will be asked not to lift weights greater than 5lb. Higher pressures could harm the breast tissue or cause damage to the implants. As a general rule, handle lighter weights in these first two weeks before starting to handle heavier weights.

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The Required Breasts Massage

Massage the breasts gently as per the directions of the doctor. You will be asked not to massage the breasts if you have had a breast lift at the time of breast augmentation.

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There are several DON’TS as well. For instance:

1. You are not supposed to sleep on your stomach in the first six weeks after the breast implant surgery.
2. You should not engage in activities which will cause the breasts to move as this could affect the healing of the scar tissue to avoid dislodging the implants.
3. When you shower, ensure that the wounds are well dried so that the risk of infection is as low as possible.