Liposoft Basics

There’s a new breed of innovative liposuction methods that are used by most cosmetic VASER-liposculpturesurgeons today because they offer less pain and instant visible results in no time. One of these is Liposoft, and this procedure is also known as Body Jet or Liquid Liposuction. The treatment procedure takes traditional liposuction to new heights by allowing cosmetic surgeons to cocktail speedy recovery downtime and precision operation that will surely yield impressive results with minimal swelling, bleeding, and bruising. Unlike traditional liposuction, Liposoft offers a much gentler approach to at removal. There’s less pain and more gain for you, so think about it. Some of the other advantages of the much gentler Liposoft are reduced pain, precision accuracy, and you can be sure that you’re in the safest and most capable hands during the procedure.

Liposoft -Smoother Scar Free Results

You’ll also be guaranteed with smoother, scar-free results. Our cosmetic surgeons have pioneered the way when it comes to the Body Jet Liposuction procedure. Over the course of four years, our surgeons have performed more than a few thousand liposuction procedures, definite proof of the institution’s high-quality and trusted performance. Another benefit of the Body Jet liposuction procedure is a shorter recovery time that appeals to clients that have a very tight day-to-day schedule.

With traditional liposuction, the fat tissues are removed along with surrounding fluids. This can cause distortion on the natural contours of the body and it can also make the operation more complicated for the surgeon too. Liquid liposuction removes less fluids during the operation, revealing a more impressive and accurate result. Best of all, you can go home the same day you underwent the procedure because the treatment only takes around 4 hours to finish.

Advantages of Liposoft

Basically, the Liposoft of Liquid Liposuction offers a number of benefits that make it better than traditional methods. It uses the latest, cutting-edge techniques in liposuction science. Some of its benefits include:

  • A gentler approach to body contouring, Liposoft utilizes water force in order to break down and destroy unwanted fat cells minus damage to adjacent tissues
  • Guaranteed speedy recovery depending on your body’s ability to recover from the treatment. There is little to no pain during and after liposuction and you can get back to your regular everyday routine after 3 days.
  • Less pain and calls for administration of only a mild sedation. You can even sit up and enjoy the show looking at the mirror during the procedure
  • More natural and smoother results because the procedure allows for fine-tuning so your doctor can customize a treatment plan just for you. Of course there would be a little bit of bruising or swelling but that’s all that you have to endure temporarily.
  • Permanent. The results are longer lasting and if you’re keen on keeping a healthy, shapely, and fit physique, you’ll never go wrong with Liposoft
  • In the course of about 4-6 weeks, you’ll start to see great results of the treatment. That’s almost half the time it takes for traditional liposuction to develop expected results
  • Affordable starting at $3,300 per treatment package

 How does Liposoft work?

Using 1/2 cm incisions, Liposoft targets the desired areas to be treated using a sterile cannula for the procedure. Local anaesthesia is usually utilized for the procedure. It is sprayed through the cannula at an extremely high pressure to aid in breaking up the fat cells before being removed from the targeted area. Because Liposoft offers more accurate results, there is less risk for nerve damage on the surrounding tissues. Some of the areas where Liposoft is ideal to execute include calves, chest, upper and lower abdomen, arms, inner part of the thighs, and neck. The water pressure coming from the cannula drives blood vessels and surrounding nerves out of the way, making trauma a lesser risk during the treatment.

There are two stages that are performed with Liposoft. Phase One is by using the water-jet cannula wherein the targeted areas are filled with a sterile saline solution with a hint of adrenaline (for bleeding) and local anaesthetic agent. The water jet is used as a vehicle for medications. Don’t worry about the volume of fluid that’s injected on your body, it’s negligible and you’ll only see minimal deformation or swelling surrounding the treatment area. Phase 1 enables the patient to feel comfortable all throughout the procedure and it minimizes the risk for medication overdose. Phase 1 takes roughly 10-15 minutes to complete one full cycle of drug administration.

Phase Two aims to break down and dislodge the unwanted fat cells so it can be easily removed liposuction_needlefrom the body. Phase 2 enables the operating surgeon to have more control over fat evacuation. Since the targeted areas are not deformed by swelling because of excess fluid that can cause further edema, your doctor can take control of the rest of the procedure with ease and he’ll be able to do the contouring of the targeted areas with minimal mistakes. Liposuction can’t thrive on guesswork. Everything should be dealt with precision and accuracy.

Liposoft (Liquid Liposuction) leaves no room for mistakes, so you won’t have to worry about redoing the procedure just because your previous contouring session didn’t go very well. Suction of fat and sculpting are done until your desired results are achieved. In most clinics, Liposoft is done by putting the client down with general anaesthesia before the procedure. At Cosmetic Surgery Sydney, you’ll be happy to know that the procedure will only cause you a mild discomfort and that you’ll only need a light sedative.

 Advantages of Liposoft treatment

  • With local anaesthesia or mild sedatives, the patient remains conscious throughout the procedure. This facilitates easier movement for you and the surgeon to reach the targeted areas as well
  • You can sit or stand up to check for results while the procedure is going on
  • You can tell your surgeon directly if you feel some discomfort or pain, which shouldn’t be felt during the procedure
  • No downtime, you’ll recover from the effects of the anaesthetic in a jiffy

What body areas can be treated with Liposoft

liposuction-exercise programYou can now say goodbye to unsightly fat deposits on your inner arms and thighs, waist, calves, cheeks, the back and front of your neck, and other areas that tend to show off a lot of flab that you’d rather not have. There are persistent areas of the body that cannot be remedied with laxative teas, slimming pills, or even exercise. Liposoft will be your best partner in staying fit when you have these problems. The procedure will not only improve your body’s physical built but your confidence as well. Don’t you just love it when people tell you that you have a very attractive, shapely body? But remember, before you undergo any operation, make sure to consult with the right specialists, find out about potential risks and complications that you may have during and after the treatment. Anyone can undergo Liposoft, as long as it’s not contraindicated with their present health status.

 The cost of liposoft

Depending on your body type and present health status, the cost for the entire Liposoft treatment package may vary. Initial consultation usually cost $120-$150 which will be cut from your treatment cost if you decide to go ahead with the procedure. Liposoft is affordable when you base the cost on the impressive results. Packages usually start from $3,300, inclusive of anaesthesia and theatre costs.