Liposuction and Aftercare

Following a liposuction treatment at our clinic, you will then be issued with a special compression garment in order to promote healing so you can take part in post-op care. These measures will ensure your full recovery and the best liposuction results after you walk out of the Clinic. The surgeons and medical specialists at Cosmetic Surgery Sydney observe aftercare regulations strictly for the safety of their clients, and in due time, they have developed a customized series of aftercare treatments that’s derived from their various experiences in their practice regarding the procedure.

Keeping you properly informed

Bear in mind that our specialists will not perform the treatment procedure on you if you’re not properly oriented about what will happen during and after procedure and if you’re not committed to their special aftercare methods. During your initial consultation, the procedure and aftercare tips will be fully discussed to you so you may want to pay close attention during the session.

Maximum healing should be achieved in order for long-term results to settle in. Usually, each client will undergo 3-6 post-operative treatments, after five days of your liposuction. Each session usually lasts for 30 minutes, and you will be undergoing a massage for lymphatic drainage. There are those who can also opt for a heat massage. These therapies are done by highly trained physical therapists and nurses. Afterwards, an ultrasound massage will be performed; this will facilitate relaxation of your muscles. The warm massage will also promote healing and skin retraction to help you heal in no time.

Liposuction and lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage on the other hand not only speeds up recovery but it helps to disperse the excess unwanted fluids until it’s flushed out of the body. After the operation, you’ll go home ambulatory and moving around gradually is especially encouraged to promote a faster healing time. You can resume your normal day to day activities one day after the procedure, just try to avoid strenuous activities for the next 2 or 3 weeks.