Liposuction – Cool Sculpting

liquid-liposuction-diagramToday, a method called Cool Sculpting is considered to be one of the trendiest and most effective body sculpting procedures. It differs from liposuction in the sense that it freezes excess fat tissue first before flushing it out of the body. There is no need for surgery, so you won’t be at risk for bleeding or extreme pain and discomfort after the procedure. Just like liposuction, it offers permanent body contouring results but it’s the first ever non-invasive procedure that uses fat reduction technology. Cool sculpting is best for targeting areas that have excess, unsightly fat and flab deposits like the inner thighs, abdomen, and arms. If you think exercise can’t remedy your flab problem, Cool Sculpting is your best choice. Some of the most remarkable advantages of Cool Sculpting include:

  • It’s non-invasive, so there’s no scalpels, needle sticks, and stitches involved that can leave scars and keloid formation
  • It’s a painless procedure, you can even listen to music or read a book during the procedure to while away the passing of time
  • Cool Sculpting is the first and only non-surgical body contouring treatment that promises permanent, impressive results

 How does cool sculpting work

liposuction - where to remove fat pockets 0According to a recent study conducted by expert researchers from Harvard University, ‘fat freeze’ treatment was derived from a collection of smaller research studies that show how fat cells are destroyed after they are exposed in freezing temperatures. Selective destruction is done, and the process is painless and does not affect or damage surrounding cells and tissues. The result is permanent and a patient doesn’t need to undergo consecutive or follow-up treatments to ensure the fulfilment of the procedure.

You can read more about the procedure in Sydney Morning Herald. The term Cool Sculpting is a little bit misleading because targeted fat cells are not actually frozen during the procedure, they are just subject to lower temperatures to convert liquid fat into solid. With exposure to low temperatures, the fat cells are then destroyed and can be easily processed by the body. It then undergoes an excreting process that’s similar to metabolism.

 Am I a suitable candidate for Cool Sculpting?

The treatment is ideal for individuals who are looking for a solution to reduce fat on the spot How-to-heal-after-a-liposuctionwithout having to undergo a surgical procedure that may pose risks and potential complications. If you don’t fancy getting a Vaser ABS Liposuction or traditional liquid liposuction which can be a little bit painful, then Cool Sculpting is best for you. Keep in mind though that it should not replace your weight reduction routine or program, and it cannot replace the benefits of actual liposuction. The latter offers a more instantaneous result in reducing body fat.

Does fat return after using cool sculpting?

As the first non-invasive alternative to liposuction, Cool Sculpting destroys fat cells for good, and it promises a permanent effect. The other similar non-invasive body sculpting procedures don’t destroy fat cells permanently. These alternatives only remove excess water and fluids that surround the fat cells.

How much does Cool Sculpting cost?

One treatment session is affordable, and is estimated to be around $850-$950. You can also avail of package services at a more affordable price.