Meet Jennifer

jenifer resizedJenifer has more than 20 years of experience and expertise as a paramedical aesthetician. She is trained and certified in Advanced Skin Analysis, Advanced Beauty Therapy, and Paramedical Aesthetics. Jenifer utilizes fractional laser as part of her practice as an advanced dermal aesthetician for facial rejuvenation treatments. For photo rejuvenation, repair of vascular lesions and imperfections on the neck, face, and limbs; and hair removal procedures, she uses lasers and precision IPL.

Jenifer is a highly esteemed skin care practitioner and she is skilled in medicafial or skin fitness consultations. When it comes to bioactive skin care, she is known to utilize Silkwood Essentials product line to give you that youthful, healthy glowing skin. Not only that, Jenifer is also highly trained in the field of massage therapy, especially in Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD. The procedure is defined as a gentle, therapeutic massage to help relax the body before surgery and promote speedy healing after any invasive procedure.

MLD stimulates proper blood flow to help facilitate elimination and drainage of toxins and body wastes by the lymphatic system. This mechanism helps to cut down bruising and swelling. Jenifer Cole is skilled in MLD to give you a pain-free and gentle feeling before and after surgery that also encourages better and faster healing.