Meet Wendy

Meet Wendy - plastic surgery assistantWendy Kelly, RN, Dip App SC is an aesthetic nurse specialist who has extensive experience in cosmetic surgery. In 1993, she opted to use her professional and artistic skills and training in order to specialize in non-invasive surgical procedures and treatments. Wendy has extensive experience and is certified to administer dermal fillers via injection and treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. In order to achieve her clients’ desired results, she combines injectable treatment with gentle laser therapies and non-invasive skin peels.

She trained in Australian and European institutions and continuously takes courses in cosmetic surgery abroad to deliver overseas knowledge and breakthroughs to the practice. She works personally with her clients and lets them choose and weigh their options. Her patience in dealing with different clients, keen eye and attention to detail, and a listening ear that every nurse should have enables her to understand what her clients need the most. She works hand in hand with them to make a suitable treatment plan to achieve the best cosmetic treatment results.