The Changes Of Silicone Implants Texture Over time

capsular breast implants

Do breast implants become hard? Scar tissue formation and the capsular contracture are some of the reasons why the breast implants become hard over the years. This problem is common in silicone implants even when there is no leakage.

Causes Of Implants Texture Change

Reasons of the capsular contracture is not well known, hence the reason there are variables among the patients. In some cases, the patients develop the hardening of the implants in both and others; the only breast is affected. Some patients never develop the hardening problem in the implants.

The encapsulation of the implants could occur even when the breasts are very much intact, and therefore, one does not have to wait until there is a leakage to have surgery performed to relieve the capsular contracture.

Capsular Breast Implants Concerns

hard breast implants

Addressing the hardening of the breast implants is crucial. Otherwise, the patient will have some side effects such as the distorted appearance of the breast. They are less desirable, and the patient will hide them and suffer in silence.

The pain could vary from mild to excruciating. In severe cases, a procedure known as capsulectomy whereby the implants are entirely removed is carried out. Before the procedure above is completed, your surgeon may ask you to have an MRI conducted to determine the condition of the implants. You can check out Breast Augmentation Sydney Clinic for more information.

One thing that patients should be aware is that breast implant is not a one-off event. There are many follow up procedures which are carried out to ensure that the implants are intact and if need, corrective surgery is conducted.

Looking at it from another angle, the gel in the silicone may leak. When this happens, the patient’s body responds by depositing calcium crystals and scar tissue. It is believed to contribute to the hardening of the implants. Reaction to the silicone implants in some patients is feasible. To forestall it, one should have an MRI carried out after the implants have been put in place to ensure that they remain intact.

Next time you experience an unusual firmness in one or both breasts have the doctor check for thick scar tissue formation.

Breast Implants Hardening Experience

Patients who experience hard breast implants describe it as a hard ball which moves around as you walk. One may feel it in both breasts and one of them. The hardening of the implants presents a major problem to patients who feel uncomfortable moving around with hardened breast implants.

Displacement exercises

If you have this problem, the surgeon will ask you to carry out some movement activities. The aim of these activities is to soften the tissue. If this does not work out, then you should have the implants removed and replaced.

As earlier noted, a physical exam should be carried out after a few years as part of the care for the implants. Though capsular contracture is anticipated with particular types of implants, it does not have to be the case if all the care measures are put in place.