Breast Implants

The trend towards women wanting better looking breasts

The reason women decide to undergo breast augmentation is quite varied.   Some simply wish for a better fit of their clothing when they dress.  There are others that really would like to enhance or redesign the appearance of their shape or figure.  There are conditions such as aging, weight loss and pregnancy that can cause breasts to lose their form or shape.  Some women have natural breasts that have been symmetrically different since development and seek breast augmentation for correction.

The breast augmentation procedure introduces implants into the breasts begins with an incision being made by the surgeon.  The site of the incision will vary and depends on your particular situation.

There are several different factors that are considered to determine the best area of placement for your implants.  Our surgeon will discuss the best method for your body build.  There are generally two options.  He will either place the implant beneath the breast tissue just above the pectoral muscle or he’ll position it below the pectoral muscle which is located between the chest wall and breast tissue.

Silicone Breast Implants

The following are some of the basics that you about silicone breast implants. silicone-breast-implantThese implants are made and filled with a sterile silicone gel preparation that’s been manufactured to imitate the natural texture and contours of the breast tissue.

Silicone implants usually need a larger incision to insert them as they come pre-filled. Three shells make up a implant and comprise the outer layer and two inner layers that greatly add to the over all safety of the silicone implant and also give a firm yet natural feel to your breasts.

These implants are more expensive than saline implants. They lend a more natural feel and they don’t cause rippling compared to saline implants. You wouldn’t have to worry about wrinkling of the skin. This manifestation does not happen with silicone implants. Since the implants are sealed completely, it cannot be micro-adjusted unlike saline implants. The size variations of silicone implants are similar to that of saline ones, with increments of up to 30cc per smaller variants, and 50cc for larger implants.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants are as popular as silicone implants and women choose one or the other for various reasons. Saline implants are made of a silicone exterior saline-breast-implantand filled with a sterile saline solution. Since silicone is more dense than saline, the latter can cause very slight ripples below the skin and they do not  have as  natural a feel compared to silicone implants because its consistency is similar to water.

If you’re deciding to have saline breast implants rather than silicone, then it’s good to know a few basics so you as to assist you making an informed choice. Before a saline implant is placed in a breast, it may feel much like a plastic bag that’s filled with water. It doesn’t resemble the natural contours of the breasts but will be once they’re surgically implanted. Saline implants consist of several layers of rubberized silicone of an outer shell and has a hardly visible valve. These implants come in a standard size and then just before surgery, they are filled with a predetermined amount of saline solution to achieve the desired size that the client wants via a disposable sterile tube. After the tube is drawn away, the valve automatically seals itself, and a safety sealing tip is then secured at the top of the valve for good measure. On average, saline-filled implants comes in various sizes, from 150-700 cc. Smaller implants come in 150-400cc solutions with increments of 25-30cc.

Basically, saline implants are less expensive compared to silicone implants. As they cost generally half the price of silicone implants, they may feel a little bit less natural compared to the latter. They’re not as soft to the touch and may even cause rippling since sterile saline solution is less dense that silicone material. Perhaps the best thing about these implants aside from the fact that they are more affordable is that their size can be adjusted to however the client desires. Naturally asymmetrical breasts are common among women so the fact that saline implants are micro-adjustable to get rid of asymmetry is definitely a welcome innovation in breast augmentation.

Other implant choices

Silicone and saline implants are not the only choices that you can choose from if you’re thinking of getting Breast Augmentation. There are also textured and high-profile implants.

Textured implants – these possess a rough outer shell. The textured surface of the implant reduces the occurrence of capsules which are formed from the scar tissues of the breast surgery. They come in various shapes like teardrop, round, or anatomic shapes

High-profile implants – these implants possess a narrow base width and has more bulk compared to regular silicone and saline variants. Your doctor will have to take specific measurements when you opt for this type of implant so you won’t risk having a distortion.


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