What You Should Know About Breast Implants In Older Women

200275408-001Women who are fifty years and older also seek breast implant surgery. One is never too old to have these implants as long as you are healthy. This group of women is faced with the loss of shape in the breasts, sagging, and reduction in size among others. The nipples will tend to point downwards, something that will rob you of your joy. Thanks to the breast implants, these issues can be corrected for firmer, well-shaped breasts. The volume of the breasts can increase so that they can look as they did when you were in the 20s and 30s.

Age and Overall Health

Unlike the teenage girls and women who are less than fifty, the older women have the issue of age to grapple. As we age, we tend to have ill health which, ultimately, may lower our suitability for the procedure. The reason why one must assess their health. If you are not in your best health generally, then you should consider yourself out of consideration.

Skin Elasticity

Skin health is taken into a separate account because we want to be sure that the skin is elastic enough to support the implants. The quality of the implants as well as how long they are going to last will largely depend on the health of the skin. If you have a skin condition, you need to talk to your doctor so that they can explain to you how this will affect the results after the breast implant surgery.

Is Breast Implant Suitable For Cancer-Diagnosed People?

Cancer is a debilitating condition which affects many women who are advanced in age. Breast implants have been found to hide cancer behind them; hence a mammogram and other breast screening tests should be carried out. Early detection of cancer could help prevent serious problems at later stages of life. Studies have shown that breast implants do not increase the risk of breast cancer, contrary to popular opinion. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, the implants will not reduce the efficacy of the treatment method, and therefore, you should not be afraid of them on this account.

Older women whose diagnosed with cancer can instead undergo an alternative procedure known as breast reconstruction. Through this procedure, you will get a replacement for the breast removed due to cancer.

The Implant Placement

breast implant for older womenBreast implants are recommended to be placed below the muscles to achieve proper appearance. Putting implants at the sub muscular level will provide more support to the implants. To learn more, please check out Sydney Breast Implant Clinic to get started!


Generally speaking, age should not be a hindrance to anyone who wants to have firm, full and well-shaped breasts. If you are in your fifties and above and planning to undergo breast implants, you can go ahead. Consultation is necessary so that a qualified doctor can review your suitability. Breast lift, for instance, is highly recommended for all aged women whose breasts are sagging as a result of old age.
In conclusion, you can now re-live your sweet sixteen with firmer, shapely breasts thanks to breast implants surgery.