Your Consultation

When you book in for a consultation with our clinic, we will first get acquainted and you will be asked to discuss your plans and reasons why you would like a particular surgery performed. You will also be further oriented  about your chosen operation. Each consultation period can last up to 45 minutes.

We hand out information brochures and pamphlets to all our clients that they can take home to as to help you understand the procedure that you are about to undertake. You can definitely bring a friend or your spouse with you during your consultation and follow-up checkups.

After you voice all your concerns, you will be given options to think about and potential results that you may expect from the chosen operation. We use the most advanced, cutting-edge innovation in surgical equipment and techniques, so that we achieve the best possible results for any chosen procedure.

With your permission, photographs will be taken before and after the procedure in order to further assess the progression of the surgery. These photographs are kept private and stored in patients’ galleries in our clinic.

Your second consultation

You will also be informed about potential risks and complications that may happen during and after the procedure. Feel free to list down your concerns, questions, and queries for when you come back for your second consultation. You will be given a referral from your general practitioner and he can provide us at the clinic with your medical history.

Bear in mind that there are procedures that can be subject to rebates, especially if you have Medicare. It is advised that you consult with your GP first about rebate options before you go forward with and have the procedure done. 

We want to help you make the right choice during your consultation and surgery. So make important decisions carefully and know that you’re in very experienced hands with our team of medical personnel.